Who Manufactures Killa Nicopods and Where?

Most users like to know where the products they consume are from and who they are made by, hence why we provide this information. The manufacturer of the Killa brand is NGP Empire Sweden AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The NGP company is somewhat younger compared to the big players like GN Tobacco, the makers of White Fox. But, despite the company’s relative inexperience, it has managed to make its mark on the industry with Killa as it has proved to be incredibly popular in the EU, UK and across the globe.

We often see this surprising success from younger manufacturers, such as The Habit Factory with its incredible Klint All-White line and the Snus Brothers with the innovative FUMI Nicotine Pouches. These companies prove that establishment in the early 1900s like Swedish Match is not everything, but providing consumers with quality products, like Killa, is.

What Makes Killa a High-Quality Brand?

If you have tried these products before, you will know that they are of superior quality, from the can to the contents. However, if you are thinking of adding Killa to your rotation, you may be wondering what makes it a high-quality brand. NGP Empire put great effort into making their nicotine pouches of the highest standard in the following ways:

  1. Made in Sweden – Sweden is known for producing smokeless products of excellent quality because this country is from where these products originate. The Swedes have a passion for oral nicotine products since they have been a part of their culture for centuries, and as a result, manufacture them to a very high standard.
  2. Only the finest materials and ingredients get used -It can be easy for manufacturers to skimp out on sourcing high-quality ingredients to reduce production costs, often seen in brands with extremely strong products. Killa, however, is composed of only the best materials, flavours, aromas and nicotine, which ensures a well-rounded, fully satisfying experience from the mouthfeel to the effect.

Why Do Users Choose to Buy Killa Online in the UK and EU?

Since these products are popular, you can easily buy them online or in-store. However, many users are finding that there are benefits to buying Killa nicotine pouches online, and as a result, prefer to do so. Let us explain why:

Regardless of where you choose to buy Killa in the EU or UK, you can rest assured that you will receive some of the best pouches on the market from a reputable manufacturer. Buying online essentially provides marginal gains, which can make the experience a little bit extra more satisfying.

KILLA Nicotine Pouches

Are you looking for pouches that pack a serious punch, right at the extra-strong level, with delicious flavours like blueberry and mint? If so, then Killa is sure to satisfy you. This Swedish quality brand meets all of the criteria for the perfect tobacco-free snus, providing intense 16 mg/g nicotine kicks that are immediate and long-lasting, with a flow of pure, natural taste along the way. Despite the power of Killa, the pouches are soft, silky and have just the right level of moisture, guaranteeing you a comfortable fit from the moment you feel the buzz to when you put it in the catch lid. Moreover, the slim format means that no one will ever know you had one in.

Why You Should Try This Brand If You Like Strong Pouches

Many users in the EU and UK like to catch a buzz, which means that they seek the power of high-strength nicotine pouches. If you are one of these users who prefers a hefty kick rather than a gentle boost like you would get from a newbie pouch, then Killa can offer you an experience that you will not soon forget and likely want to come back to again. So, why should you try this brand if you like some oomph from your pouches? There are two reasons, which are:

  1. They contain a hefty dose of vitamin N – Killa nicotine pouch strengths are 16 mg/g, which puts them firmly at the extra-strong level, and boy, they feel it! The high dose is one thing, but the way it is released is another. As soon as you place a pouch under your lip, you will notice a burning sensation, notifying you that the nicotine is working. Shortly after, you will feel a powerful, satisfying rush that develops into a long-lasting buzz.
  2. They contain menthol for an extra kick – Menthol is a well-known strength increasing flavour added to the Killa nicotine pouch flavours Blueberry and Cold Mint to increase the already high intensity. It complements the nicotine sensation by accentuating the burn that you feel under your lip and providing an icy, fresh blast to invigorate your senses. Try one of these pouches in the morning to kick start your day, and you will not be disappointed!

Our Swedish-made KILLA snus (nicotine pouches) are discretely slim and all-white (no tobacco) so you don’t have to worry about stained teeth or bad breath. They’re available in a variety of delicious flavours. And most importantly, they pack a KILLA nicotine punch!